The Ministry of Interior has reported that 18 individuals, including two residents and 16 citizens, were arrested for breaching Haj rules by moving, on June 15, a group of 98 people trying to undertake the pilgrimage without authorization. The Haj security forces, positioned at the entry points to Makkah, apprehended these individuals. The offenders were given a sentence of 15 days in jail and a penalty of 10,000 Saudi riyals (approximately Dh9,790) per unauthorized pilgrim transported. The authorities also mandated the seizure of the vehicles utilized in the transportation of these violators. Additionally, the violators may face public shaming, deportation from the Kingdom if they are residents, and a ban on re-entry for a duration specified by the regulations. The Ministry of Interior has appealed to all citizens and residents to adhere strictly to the Haj regulations to guarantee the safety, comfort, and peace of pilgrims during the performance of Haj rituals.