360tf, a leader in the digital transformation of global trade finance, has announced its collaboration with Traydstream, a front-runner in trade digitization, as part of its continuous efforts to innovate and broaden its global trade finance offerings. Together, 360tf and Traydstream intend to transform the digitization of trade finance by assisting corporations in securing financing, reducing time and costs associated with document processing, and enabling them to concentrate on their primary business activities.

For financial institutions, this alliance will boost operational efficiency, reduce compliance risks, and extend their reach into regions without a physical presence, thereby serving bank clients who might otherwise be overlooked. Traydstream, backed by Pivot Investment Partners, a US-based fintech investment firm, and e& capital, the investment arm of e&, is committed to nurturing cutting-edge tech enterprises, promoting growth, and advancing significant developments in the digital space.

This commitment aligns seamlessly with the innovative spirit of 360tf and Traydstream, as both entities strive to close the global trade finance gap, decrease reliance on paper-based processes, and digitalize operations, making trade finance more efficient and streamlined.