On Wednesday, an Arab diplomat informed AFP that at least 600 Egyptians perished during the haj pilgrimage, attributing the fatalities to intense heat that peaked at 51.8 degrees Celsius (125 degrees Fahrenheit) on Monday. The diplomat emphasized that all newly confirmed deaths were heat-related, following earlier reports of at least 323 Egyptian deaths. The pilgrimage commenced on Friday. Tunis Afrique Presse reported on Tuesday that 35 Tunisian citizens died during the Haj, with many deaths attributed to extreme heat by family members on social media, while others sought missing relatives in Saudi hospitals. The Jordanian foreign ministry issued 41 burial permits for Jordanian pilgrims and confirmed at least six deaths from heat stroke. Iranian state news outlet IRINN noted 11 deaths and 24 hospitalizations among Iranian pilgrims, without specifying causes. The Agence de Presse Sénégalaise reported three Senegalese deaths during Haj. Indonesian health ministry data revealed 144 Indonesian deaths, without specifying heat stroke as a cause. A Saudi health official, prior to the release of many death reports, told Reuters that no unusual fatalities were observed among Muslim pilgrims despite the high temperatures. The ministry had treated over 2,700 pilgrims for heat-related illnesses.