The creators have released the preview of the forthcoming movie A Family Affair, presenting a compelling story of unexpected love and resulting chaos. The film is set to debut on June 28, and the trailer introduces a star-studded cast featuring Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King.

The preview reveals Efron as Chris Cole, a charming film star whose life takes a surprising turn when he becomes involved in a romance with Brooke, played by Kidman. However, the twist lies in Brooke's identity - she is Zara's widowed mother, who is Chris's former assistant portrayed by Joey King and holds resentment towards him.

As the trailer unfolds, viewers witness the complexities of their relationships, with Zara expressing her disdain for Chris and her concerns about his intentions towards her mother. King's portrayal of Zara's protective instincts adds layers of tension, as she ominously warns, "He's going to hurt her, and I will have to kill him."

Directed by Richard Lagravenese and written by Carrie Solomon, A Family Affair promises an engaging story filled with emotional depth and captivating performances. The film reunites Efron and Kidman, who previously appeared together in the 2012 film The Paperboy. With additional talents like Kathy Bates and Liza Koshy rounding out the cast, anticipation for A Family Affair continues to grow as the premiere date on Netflix approaches.