Abida Parveen, a legendary figure in Sufi music, continues to mesmerize audiences with her celestial voice and unassuming demeanor. Despite her iconic status, the celebrated singer remains devoid of any air of celebrity or the usual trappings of fame. Seated casually in her hotel room in Dubai, the 70-year-old veteran singer from Pakistan exudes a childlike excitement and warmth as she discusses her upcoming performance in Abu Dhabi.

In an exclusive interview with City Times, she offers insights into the show, her illustrious career, and her perspective on today’s music scene. Despite her extensive experience on stage, she admits to still feeling a flutter of nerves before performing, emphasizing that this nervousness signifies an artist’s dedication and passion. Abida Parveen expresses her eagerness to showcase her art alongside another Pakistani icon, Atif Aslam, at BluBlood Middle East’s ‘Symphony of Stars’ in Abu Dhabi.

She shares her plan to be fully present for her audience and expresses gratitude for their energy and connection, highlighting the universal nature of music as a form of expression. Abida Parveen also commends the UAE for its diverse and harmonious atmosphere, where individuals from various nationalities can appreciate Sufi and Dargahi music.

She discusses the relevance of her music to today’s generation, acknowledging the role of platforms like ‘Coke Studio’ in bridging generational gaps. Furthermore, she praises various genres and artists, including Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam, while paying tribute to music legends such as Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Revealing the secret behind her timeless voice, she emphasizes the importance of rigorous practice and vocal care as key to maintaining the depth and quality of her music.

Expressing her appreciation for Khaleej Times, she reminisces about their support and warmth. With the conversation drawing to a close, Abida Parveen’s passion for music and humble nature reflect her enduring appeal. The upcoming performance in Abu Dhabi, featuring Atif Aslam and Abida Parveen, promises to be a truly memorable event, showcasing their iconic songs and powerful talents.