THE ABU DHABI Early Childhood Authority (ECA) has been instrumental in fostering a dynamic ecosystem essential for the development and preparation of children for the future. Collaborating with both governmental bodies and startups, this Abu Dhabi-based organization is dedicated to enhancing early childhood development through the promotion of innovation across multiple sectors. It supports startups that demonstrate innovation, disruption, and a distinct competitive edge. Dr. Yousef Alhammadi, Executive Director of the ECA, emphasized their commitment to nurturing startup innovation for societal benefit in an interview with BTR. With extensive experience in analytics and a PhD in Applied Statistics and Machine Learning from MIT, Dr. Yousef has held significant positions, including Chief Intelligence Officer at the 2019 Special Olympic World Games, where he innovated with IoT, VR, and AR technologies. The ECA's Anjal Z Techstars Founder Catalyst Programme, backed by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office and partners like Hub 71 and Techstars, has significantly impacted the startup ecosystem, supporting over 45 startups and establishing more than 10 growth-stage companies in Abu Dhabi since its inception in 2020. This initiative not only fosters innovation and competition within the local ECD sector but also provides startups with mentorship, access to grants, networking opportunities, and the chance to pilot their projects with local partners. The program's focus on international startups aims to boost the local economy by addressing critical ECD challenges through diverse solutions, ranging from HealthTech and EdTech to mindfulness and social-emotional support. The selection process for the Anjal Z Cohort involves a rigorous review by the ECA, ADIO, Techstars, and Hub 71, prioritizing factors such as team dynamics, market traction, and the ability to localize solutions. The ECA recognizes the importance of early childhood development challenges and advocates for government involvement in research, collaboration, and the implementation of initiatives that support conscious parenting and impart values. The ECA's efforts in fostering a supportive ecosystem for startups not only address local challenges effectively but also prepare children for a rapidly changing world, ensuring they have the necessary tools and support to thrive. The success of the Abu Dhabi startup funding model suggests that other countries could benefit from replicating this approach, leveraging the innovative solutions startups offer to solve critical social problems.