In Abu Dhabi, an eatery known as Khushab Darbar Restaurant in Mafraq Industrial City was shuttered due to inadequate hygiene, specifically in its kitchen and storage spaces, as announced by the authorities on Friday. The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) reported that the restaurant had breached food safety rules on several occasions. The authority stated, 'Several actions have been implemented against this business owing to the substandard hygiene in areas where food is handled and stored.' The restaurant was cited for not maintaining cleanliness in its equipment and refrigerators, and the ceilings and floors in the food preparation area were also found to be in poor condition. Adafsa confirmed that the closure will persist until the hygiene concerns are resolved. Only a week prior, another restaurant faced closure due to food safety infringements, including the presence of insects in the kitchen. Adafsa urges residents to report any issues they encounter at food establishments, and they can be contacted via their toll-free hotline 80055.