Starting June 1, single-use styrofoam products will no longer be allowed in Abu Dhabi, as declared by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. This ban will encompass cups, lids, plates, beverage containers, and food receptacles meant for immediate consumption.

The ban exempts reusable storage boxes, coolers, and items intended for medical use. This move is an extension of the Abu Dhabi Single-Use Plastic Policy and aligns with the goals of the Year of Sustainability.

The Single-Use Plastic Policy in Abu Dhabi, introduced in May 2020, initially prohibited the sale of single-use plastic bags across all retailers, resulting in a 95% reduction in their usage from June 1, 2022.

Other emirates in the UAE have also implemented similar bans on single-use plastic products. For instance, in Sharjah, the ban took effect on January 1, 2024, and the municipality announced a cessation of single-use plastic bag manufacturing on April 22.

Dubai followed suit by announcing a ban on single-use plastic from January 1, 2024, with violators facing a maximum penalty of Dh2,000. These measures were prompted by the federal government's announcement in January 2023 regarding the pan-UAE ban on single-use plastic from 2024.