The Abu Dhabi Police have introduced a smart bus aimed at enhancing awareness regarding the risks associated with drugs and methods to avoid them. This initiative, timed with World Anti-Drug Day on June 26, carries the motto, 'My family is my greatest wealth'. Colonel Taher Ghareeb Al-Dahiri, from the Anti-Narcotics Directorate, mentioned that the bus showcased at the Farah Central Center in Abu Dhabi features smart screens, simulators, and VR technology to illustrate the dangers of drugs. It also offers details about workshops, talks, events, and conferences concerning drug awareness scheduled in Abu Dhabi. The bus is designed to educate students, shoppers in malls, members of community councils, and attendees of various events, all under the guidance of a dedicated team. Additionally, the bus supports the objectives of the Chance of Hope Service, a vital tool of the Abu Dhabi Police, which enables drug users and their families to seek online rehabilitation treatments with utmost confidentiality.