Recent footage from road cameras in Abu Dhabi has shown two terrifying accidents caused by drivers dangerously changing lanes on two major highways. The Abu Dhabi Police have issued a warning to drivers about the dangers of swerving, emphasizing how a sudden lane change can rapidly result in a severe accident. In a 49-second video, the police highlighted two incidents that could have been prevented if the drivers had remained in their lanes or exercised greater caution before crossing into others.

In one instance, a dark-colored sedan was observed cutting across three lanes to reach an exit on the right. The car, without signaling, attempted to squeeze between two trucks, failing to notice the vehicles rapidly approaching the exit. In an instant, the sedan collided with a white car, causing a violent impact that propelled the second vehicle across the five-lane highway, severely damaging its trunk. The collision also involved another vehicle, which spun out of control, losing its rear bumper.

In the second incident, a silver SUV, which abruptly changed lanes without signaling, struck a pickup truck in the fast lane. The pickup driver lost control, causing the vehicle to zigzag across the road and collide back into the SUV. As a result, the silver four-wheel drive crashed through a barrier, also hitting a heavy vehicle. Sudden lane deviation is a significant traffic violation, punishable by a Dh1,000 fine and four black points, while the penalty for improper overtaking ranges from Dh600 to Dh1,000, depending on the severity of the offense.