Abu Dhabi residents have been cautioned about fraudulent property listings on social media. Law enforcement agencies have issued a public advisory regarding the escalating tactics of scammers who use fake property listings. These scammers display images of non-existent properties at enticing prices to attract victims. Once victims express interest and make an advance payment, they discover they have been defrauded.

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the necessity of following rental contract regulations and warned against believing in promises of lower rent, which are frequently used as pretexts for real estate scams. Potential tenants are advised to use registered rental agencies. The public is encouraged to take several preventive measures: contact authorized real estate offices, request intermediaries or representatives to show their Emirati ID, register statements only in authorized offices, provide documentation only in those offices, obtain sealed receipts, keep official contracts, and ensure the property is registered with the relevant government sector.

Recently, Dubai land authorities took action against misleading listings and issued an ultimatum to real estate agents to remove all properties not available for sale or rent from their digital platforms. The Dubai Land Department set a three-day deadline for agents to remove property advertisements that are no longer for sale or rental. Property listing websites were instructed to integrate their systems with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website to ensure all listings are valid and free of fakes.

Abu Dhabi Police also alerted job seekers to 'fake hiring' schemes. Scammers organize formal events and create fake online company pages, posing as authorized recruitment agencies to deceive people. They demand fees for these fake jobs, leaving applicants defrauded. Authorities urged residents to report suspicious calls from anonymous individuals or any form of fraud by visiting the nearest police station or contacting the security service at 8002626. People can also text 2828 to assist the police in combating these fraudulent activities and protecting society.