Considering the purchase of a used car? Planning to borrow a vehicle from family or friends? In such scenarios, obtaining the vehicle's history becomes imperative to understand its current condition and past incidents. This process can help in avoiding potential fines associated with the car's previous owner or number plate. Apart from accident-related information, examining the vehicle's history can also reveal the originality of certain parts. Accessing this history requires knowledge of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also known as the Chassis Number, which is typically found on the vehicle's registration card.

Irrespective of the emirate of residence, motorists in the UAE can retrieve their vehicle's accident history through various channels:

Ministry of Interior: Residents can utilize the ministry's website to inquire about their vehicle's accident history. By entering the VIN number under the 'accident enquiry' section, existing accident reports, including the date and nature of the accidents, are displayed.

Emirates Vehicle Gate: UAE residents can access their car's accident history by creating an account on the Emirates Vehicle Gate website and entering the VIN number. This provides immediate access to the vehicle's accident history under the 'traffic accident's management' section, detailing the type of accident, time, location, and the current condition of the vehicle.

Abu Dhabi Police: For vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi, or those involved in transactions within the emirate, the police's website can be used to retrieve the vehicle's accident history. By entering the car's Chassis number under the 'inquire about car accidents' section, residents can review its accident history, including incidents across the UAE.