Interesting fact: there are people you can ask What time is it now and they will answer without looking at their watch or screen. They just feel time of the day better than others. There are not many thinking people who feel the epoch we live in with their skin. A person whose special ability is to feel time, our columnist, specialist in AI Yulia Rubleva talks about modern technologies, changing picture of the world, gender roles, and vector of choice. 

This epoch has been as interesting as any before. Aside from those who saw Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’, who would believe we would be able to see someone on the opposite side of the globe during a phone call that cost very little. The reality of modern man is changing all the time and these rates of change are ever increasing.
Two developments unleashed these changes, semiconductors and printed circuits, known at the consumer level as transistors. Almost immediately the enormous thermionic valvebased circuity used in early main frame computers became outdated with its inherent unreliability and high electrical power consumption, much of it to cool the operating circuits. 
New technologies are available almost all over the world today but they are based on very simple binary logic which human brain can understand. The new stage of Computer Engineering development is over because of a physical limit is reached: the elements of microchips are becoming close to atomic by their size and it leads to inevitable defects. Electronics based on standard logic doesn’t have a development perspective. Mankind has something in reserve, quantum mechanics all the natural phenomena based on. Scientists work on making quantum computer able to speak the language of nature. Calculating the natural phenomena with quantum computing will be billions of times faster than with the best updated classic super computer. The day is coming soon when the first man who made quantum computer will be declared, and epoch will once again be changed dramatically, a new era of history will start. 
The actual choice will be the same — choosing between the cre-ation and destruction. Many people are doubtful of the longterm benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because they can’t decide if it brings evil or something good. I’m sure that it will bring good being a way to create. The medical sphere which doesn’t guarantee cure to children and adults now, will change very much after quantum computer being created. In practice that means growing precise genetically identical healthy copies of human organs, making personalized medicines for anyone. Now any super computer needs astronomically long time to solve this problem. New computing will do it immediately. In quantum computer epoch any DNA code can be decoded in minutes and it’ll give a chance to understand where the deviation is and rebuild it. It will turn upside down all the diagnostics and cure — new healthy generation of nation will result. 
Women-creators should teach AI and make it right way orientated. Our role in modern society is tremendous, we unite professional and creative origins. The way a woman thinks man doesn’t. To keep and multiple is about us. Once in three years Eurasian Women Forum confirms the thought that we can change the world. We can put into AI regulations took from all confessions — don’t kill, do not make yourself an idol and others not to let harmony and humanistic val-ues be lost. We shouldn’t be scared of technologies and at the same time we shouldn’t forget about our human roots. The picture is sad today: people stop contacting with their children and parents becoming like machines in-side forgetting that their mission is to create, build and bring good. 
Mankind should admit that the female epoch starts and women thanks to their feminine energy and power join innovative projects, go to the state management in the circumstances of changing reality. There’s a lot of wom-en-peacemakers — the brightest example should be set as Princess Diana. 
No one can compare to women in the task of being built into reality. Some of them decide to choose their own understanding of their mission, to grow up a new beautiful generation. There are friends of mine who chose to be mothers, some have five children. They are unique because they give their energy, kindness and experience for creation this way. Their warmth, sincerity, care is a beautiful contribution to developing mankind and keeping humanistic values alive. 
There are others who decided to create too and serve people now and here working for charity. They spend their power and time to help. Modern technologies let funds work almost directly connecting donators and those whom they want to help. New computers can help to speed up the process to minutes but already now they can collect money to save a child’s life in one day.
Quantum computers will exponentially faster solve the different class of problems: in cryptography, modelling of quantum systems, pharmaceuti-cals. IT story is something I know well, I actively work on integrating technologies into the modern art existence. Creative people were always at a loss how to tell the world about themselves but today you don’t have to wait for the end of your life to be recognized. Talented people find their audience and there’s a lot of great examples. Epoch of sculptors, poets, artists whose creation is accepted as a cultural heritage of humankind during their life, is becoming real. There will be a platform for being your own agent not waiting for a gallery owner to like or dislike your creation. The society in the whole will estimate it, not just a group of people like gallery or auction owners. My idea is actual for those who live in the outback. They might not have a possibility to create, they made the one masterpiece. It can be worthy estimated and sold which will let them create more not thinking of earning money for a piece of bread. 
History will show what our nearest decade is going to be. I think mankind has all chances to change technologies and society itself. The main thing is to remember the right vector of choice: create, act and be real.