It all started with Hrishikesh and Rohit, the Datar brothers, taking on the responsibility of manning the cash register at the Adil Supermarket chain in the UAE at the age of 13. Hrishikesh, now serving as the purchase manager, reminisces about learning the ropes during his summer breaks, assisting customers with their groceries and mastering the challenge of memorizing bar codes and prices.

He acknowledges that this experience not only honed his sales skills but also deepened his understanding of Indian culture and business, especially due to Adil's extensive import of over 9,000 varieties of Indian food products. This exposure sparked his admiration for Indian tradition, which he aspires to share globally, transcending the GCC region.

Rohit, the marketing director, seamlessly transitioned into the family business, considering the profound legacy established by his grandfather and father. Their strategic focus on upholding values while infusing innovation led to the recent rebranding, symbolizing a generational shift while preserving the founding principles encapsulated in the name ‘Adil’ – meaning 'justice’ and ‘a good man’.

Despite the modernization initiatives and advancements, the commitment to consistency in quality, pricing, and service across Adil's 40 stores remains unwavering. Furthermore, the introduction of a dedicated app during the pandemic not only facilitated convenient purchases but also solidified partnerships with prominent delivery platforms.

These transformations have yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by the continuous surge in sales, demonstrating their sustained growth and progress. The seamless collaboration between the siblings echoes their approach to reconciling differences, cultivated over the years, laying the foundation for a harmonious leadership dynamic.

Looking ahead, the prospect of nurturing future Adil leaders is underpinned by a philosophy that encourages individual growth while instilling cherished family values and traditions from a young age.