Charging electric vehicles (EVs) has been made faster and more convenient with innovative technology introduced by Adnoc Distribution at its fuel stations in the UAE. The company currently has 90 fast and super-fast EV chargers installed across all emirates, strategically located on highways and in key residential areas, allowing customers to charge their car's battery within 15 to 20 minutes.

Adnoc Distribution's CEO, Bader Saeed Al Lamki, revealed plans to increase the number of EV chargers to 150-200 by the end of this year and up to 500 units by 2028. The company has also launched a 'Plug in and Charge' initiative as part of its commitment to innovation, which extends to new robotic arm fuelling and personalized fuelling experiences through AI-powered solutions utilizing computer vision, smart cameras, and machine learning to recognize vehicles.

The 'Plug in and Charge' initiative simplifies the charging process, allowing EV owners to easily charge their vehicles by simply plugging in the nozzle while the technology automatically recognizes the car and facilitates the charging. This technology can be accessed through the official app or Apple Watch, enabling customers to monitor the charging process remotely and enhance their overall experience at the fuel stations.

In addition to the focus on EV chargers, Adnoc Distribution has opened 8 new fuel service stations in the first quarter of this year, with plans to add 15-20 more stations by the end of the year. The company emphasizes quality over quantity, strategically selecting locations to add value to communities and customers across the UAE.

Adnoc Distribution also aims to enhance non-fuel growth avenues by upgrading its car wash fleet and introducing high-capacity car wash tunnels to improve speed and efficiency. The focus on quick service restaurants at the service stations aims to position them as community hubs and preferred destinations offering a range of services, complemented by Adnoc reward points for customer loyalty.