Airtel Africa, a prominent telecommunications conglomerate boasting over 150 million subscribers in 14 African nations, has joined forces with WebEngage to enhance its digital management of customer bases. As Africa's second-largest telecom service provider, Airtel serves over 60 million data users out of a total customer base of 150 million. Aiming to bridge the digital gap and promote financial inclusion throughout Africa, Airtel offers mobile money, entertainment, and digital services to all its users. This collaboration will allow Airtel to track user service activities in a highly personalized way, thereby retaining customers and boosting engagement. The partnership will extend to Airtel Money, Smart Cash in Nigeria, and Airtel TV, delivering seamless and personalized digital experiences across various platforms including Web, App, in-App, Meta, Google, and traditional channels like SMS and email. Priya Thakoor, Airtel Africa’s Group Senior Vice President: Digital & Product, stated, “Following a rapid three-month deployment, WebEngage’s CDP now monitors over 600 user actions across all 14 markets, continuously developing a list of actionable digital profiles. Over 30 highly personalized customer journeys are active, engaging over one million subscribers and achieving over 30% conversions. Our goal is to enhance CLTV for each customer through targeted offerings across channels that align with their individual needs. We have established a foundation for digital customer base management with WebEngage for My Airtel app, enhancing customer engagement and deeper penetration of mobile money and related digital services, while ensuring complete customer privacy.” Hetarth Patel, Vice President - Growth Markets (MEA, Americas, APAC), WebEngage, added, “We are thrilled about partnering with Airtel Africa to revolutionize their customer value management. Utilizing our sophisticated customer data platform, advanced analytics, generative AI, and personalized capabilities, we will enable 1:1 customer engagement on owned, paid media, and digital channels. Numerous strategies are in place to boost app usage, retain users on digital platforms, and improve CLTV. Our local customer success teams in Nairobi and Dubai will collaborate closely with Airtel OpCos and Group to expedite this implementation.” This partnership underscores a broader digital transformation within the telecom sector, where telcos are evolving into TechCos by partnering with innovative solution providers like WebEngage. Telecom companies’ deep insights into customers’ non-linear journeys and benchmarking of superior customer experiences across various channels, including traditional, digital, paid media, owned and third party, are significantly aiding their digital transformation success. WebEngage, a major player in the MarTech SaaS domain globally, serves over 800 clients across various sectors including retail, education, finance, food & beverages, media & publications, and healthcare. Its partnerships have led to significant improvements in customer experiences, operational revenue, and digital transformation. With Airtel Africa, WebEngage anticipates a substantial financial and social impact.