Ajay Sethi's success story in Dubai is truly inspiring. Arriving in 1993 to establish a small-scale business, this Chandigarh-born entrepreneur has now become a prominent figure in cricket broadcasting. As the chairman and MD of the Channel 2 Group Corporation, he has recently extended the audio rights partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the upcoming T20 World Cup in the West Indies and the US.

Under the new agreement, the Channel 2 Group Corporation has secured the audio rights for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region until 2027. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Sethi, who initially acquired the ICC global audio rights in 2009.

Expressing his delight, Sethi emphasized the importance of the South Asian market in cricket and the trust placed by the ICC in their capability to deliver exceptional radio content for the World Cups. He also revealed collaborations with Big Talk and 100.3 FM to produce live World Cup commentary in the UAE, with the lineup of commentators set to be announced soon.

The Channel 2 Group Corporation has consistently featured renowned voices in cricket broadcasting during each World Cup, such as Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Clive Lloyd, and Zaheer Abbas. Sethi highlighted the significance of bringing these legends to radio commentary, a move that has been appreciated by the ICC as it demonstrates their commitment to promoting the game beyond television.

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja commended Sethi's contributions, acknowledging the investment in world-class commentary by Channel 2. Sethi, reflecting on his journey from establishing an automobile spare parts showroom in Deira to his current success, expressed deep gratitude to Dubai for its instrumental role in his growth.