In a recent operation, Ajman Police apprehended an Asian individual believed to be involved in the sale and storage of counterfeit lubricants that mimicked the names of internationally recognized brands registered within the emirate. Colonel Ahmed Saeed Al-Naeimi, the Director of the Investigations and Criminal Investigations Department at Ajman Police, explained that the authorities took action upon receiving a tip-off at the Al Hamidiyah Police Station. The report mentioned a warehouse in the new industrial zone involved in the manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution of fake oil products. A specialized team was assembled, and after following all legal protocols, they conducted a raid on the location. During the search, substantial amounts of counterfeit oils were confiscated. Further inquiries showed that the individual was also connected to another case reported at the Comprehensive City Police Station in Ajman Emirate. Following the warehouse raid, police searched the suspect's home and discovered large quantities of duplicate car oils, which were seized. Under interrogation, the suspect admitted to packaging car oil and lubricants under his company's label with the intention of selling them under the names of reputable companies. A comprehensive investigation has been initiated, during which the suspect confessed to his actions, leading to his detention for further legal action. The Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Investigations Department praised the outstanding skills of the officers involved in capturing the culprits and dismantling the operation. Ajman Police also encouraged the public to be vigilant when buying goods and to immediately report any suspicious activities.