Al Maya Group, a prominent food distribution company in the UAE and GCC, is delighted to commemorate Philippines National Day, celebrating the robust relationship between the Philippines and Al Maya Group. The company has long been a champion of Filipino goods and has vigorously marketed them across its supermarket network. Al Maya Group boasts a lengthy history of collaboration with the Philippines, starting from the inception of its business operations. The group has persistently shown its dedication to the Filipino populace by offering a stage for Filipino goods to access a broader market in the region. This alliance has been pivotal in fostering cultural interchange and economic collaboration between the two countries.

“We are privileged to observe Philippines National Day and acknowledge the substantial contributions of the Filipino community to our area,” remarked Kamal Vachani, Group Director & Partner at Al Maya Group. “Our alliance with the Philippines has been crucial to our achievements, and we are dedicated to sustaining this partnership to advance the abundant cultural legacy and goods of the Philippines,” Vachani further added. Al Maya Group’s supermarkets have become a favored spot for Filipino goods, providing a vast array of FMCG products from the Philippines. The group’s dedication to promoting Filipino goods has been acknowledged by the Philippine government and the Filipino community, who value the backing and acknowledgment extended to their products.

The Philippine Ambassador to the UAE, Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver, has praised Al Maya Supermarket for its endeavors in promoting Filipino goods, stating: “We are thankful for the support and partnership of Al Maya Group in promoting Filipino products in the UAE and GCC. Their commitment to cultural exchange and economic cooperation is truly praiseworthy,” Vachani noted that Al Maya Group’s partnership with the Philippines underscores the strong bond between the two nations. He emphasized that the group’s commitment to promoting Filipino goods and supporting the Filipino community is a key element in the success of their partnership. “We are proud to be part of this partnership and anticipate continuing our support for Filipino products and the Filipino community,” Vachani concluded.