Time flows like a tsunami, it takes away ev-erything and leaves a meaningless chaos of destruction behind. But there is a power able to resist it — traditions mankind accumulated for hundreds of years. Their keepers are artist stopping the moments of natural and human life beauty, their mission is to carry through ages the history and experience of civili-zation — our columnist, Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, a jeweler of the international level and founder of the brand IlgizF, considers.

Tradition is the accumulated knowledge of generations passed onwards. The knowledge is Man's search for perfection over a long time. It should never be broken otherwise nations die piece by piece in the same way that a house is ruined when the basement is destroyed.
The beginning of the XX century saw not only changes in politics and economics but also by attempts to create a new kind of art, Impressionism, Postmodern, Avant-Garde. Searching for new forms caused chaos in understanding of the cultural code. Now this chaos is aggravated and it is hard to guess its consequences.
Artists are not like others and live with a different mindset than ordi-nary persons. We, Artists, can look at supreme pictures thinking of what they mean. Art Critics are people immersed into art and they can talk about Kazimir Malevich'es Black square as of unconsciousness, cosmic area, telling that it is not that black or that square, history will judge us but it could turn out that in the best case it was ingenious PR. Prototype of the one-day art tactics — no matter what it looks like, presentation and selling are what matters. One way or another we should read it correctly: it is an interesting story but not a heritage. We will come to admire the beauty in a museum of the future and there will be Vasily Surikov, Ilya Repin, Victor Vasnetsov but probably not Kazimir Malevich.
We can analyze this kind of phenomena in art but we can't show it to people. The codes we pass are missed by the many not fully formed people in the world. If someone is not ready to perceive his brain will be filled with garbage and it is hard to preview what happens next. In previous times the Church took the guarding role, knowing accurately and precisely how to rule process so that society moved in the right direction.

We are brought up differently now and freedom is understood as something routine and necessary but not many people understand what to do with it. Everyone has his own understanding of this word but it doesn't always mean free actions and deeds. The free thinking and creating is important but thoughts should be right. Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Yehudi — all have Commandments, the tunnel humankind passes through for thousands of years. Attempts to get out of it didn't lead to anything good. Anyone can feel anger, envy, jealousy but Commandments are same in any religion and limit the manifestation of these emotions. Man was prepared to leave this world in every religion helping him to get rid of these earthly feelings so that negative wouldn't be kept and its code won't be passed to other people. Brain follows the right way only in this tunnel. It is vast and gives place to everyone.

Something happened to the idea of family and men-women relationship as well. Family is a source spreading the information about us like river spreads it's waters by rills. It is something that rebuilds, reconstructs lost outside of it, the base one can hardly exist without. Respect for it was supported by Church for ages but chaos infected it too. The XXth century heritage affected it by the false code brought by the new art. Man is not developing just himself, music, art creations are read and imprinted by our brain same as information. Chaos imprint the white noise. Now traditions, energy, time have a totally different meaning and sense, bigger than before. We should be careful with them, we should manage to give it to our children on time. And what will be given depends on all of us, our thoughts, of every artist. And Mosque, Church, Synagogue, Pagoda will help to do it cleaning man from the wrong information not to let us pass it to our children keeping fidelity to traditional family model.

I often have to stand for the traditional understanding of art, beauty, aesthetics. Jewelry is impossible in new art forms. We can apply modern technologies, materials but not further than that. Even this can be limited — if titanium is chosen it can be done only as an art object same as the wooden ladle in a village will be only a product of craftwork. Things should be named by correct names and what is more important they should have a correct imply, moral and spiritual limitations religions prescript. Not without reason the jewelers of past became pastors, they chose for every person his own stone distributing energy resources. Stones and jewelry were sacred amulets in ancient Egypt protecting from evil, filling with pure energy. 

Physics researching quant energy sooner or later will discover the mechanism of energetic interaction of stones, jewelry, their owners and artists creating it but there's no doubt that it takes place. If a woman receives a present from someone she doesn't like or she doesn't like the adornment something will happen to the ring for sure. It bursts, it gets lost or something happens to it while she wears it. Bad energy breaks the right way of things and good one protects. I've seen many stories like this in my life. Someone is attending an event and all of a sudden for no reason stone on his hand bursts. Or earrings become darker in a day. It is a witness of tremendous destructive energy flow, stones didn't let affect their owner resisting it. It is hard to imagine what would happen if that energy went through and broke the right way of electron's functioning.
I teach my students to love doing what they do. To bypass heritage to people you should work with good thoughts and positive energy. There's a lot of examples showing that master's mood affects the way his creation is sold and its future fate. If his personal life is not fine and he is dealing with enamel, enamel bursts — our thoughts, emotions go precisely to what we create, it is magic of creation. I always tell my colleagues: you can do your job only with kind thoughts and in a good mood.
It is very important for a man to learn how to open his abilities, keep insights happening inside of him. The main thing I understood is what it all is for: to give people positive energy, through my creations and to go forward to the main work I am gifted for and have for a long time followed.