Anna Ferleger

1. How do you see the role of entrepreneur of the future?

The role of entrepreneur of the future is multifaceted and highly important in the context of technological, economic, and social changes. Here’s how I see the key aspects to be emphasized:

Innovation and Technological Progress

Entrepreneurs are to be the driving force behind innovation, creating new products and services for better life. They will take a leading role in developing solutions for modern problems by implementing advanced technologies such as AI, biotechnology, and renewable energy sources.

Sustainable Development

Future entrepreneurs will design business models that consider environmental and social factors. Their international tasks are to integrate principles of sustainable development and socially responsible business practices.

Social Entrepreneurship

There will be more entrepreneurs focused on solving social problems, such as poverty, education, healthcare, and environment. They will seek ways to combine profit generation and positive social impact.

Globalization and Digitalization

Entrepreneurs will leverage global markets and digital platforms to expand their businesses and attract customers worldwide. The ability to be flexible meaning different cultural and economic conditions will be a key factor for success.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The ability to quickly adapt to market changes and external challenges will be extremely important. Entrepreneurs will create flexible business models that can respond swiftly to changing needs and market conditions.

Collaboration and Networking

Future entrepreneurs will actively collaborate with other companies, governments, universities, and NGOs to achieve common goals. Building and maintaining strong professional networks will be an essential part of their work.

Ethics and Transparency

There will be an increased attention to ethical aspects of business, such as transparency, honesty, and respect for the rights of all stakeholders. Entrepreneurs will strive to build a reputation based on trust.

Overall, the role of entrepreneur of the future is not just to create business and generate profit but also to take meaningful part in shaping a sustainable social environment.

Anna Ferleger

2. You have 4 SPA salons. Why have you started your business in beauty & health industry?

The project was born after the pandemic. I saw how people were suffering, not knowing how to support themselves. I had spent six months deepening my understanding - through various wellness practices and caring for my body, which inspired me to create a place for restoring physical and mental health through ancient wisdom. And still I feel a strong desire to share this with others.

3. You have 3 children and a large family. How do you manage to balance business, family, and a large women community? Where is the source of your strength for all that all at once?

I have learned to listen to myself and restore my body, as it provides the energy for all of my activities. When you are centered, your mind keeps on being clear - which helps you to sense when it's time to stop. The key to success is love for everything I do. Love to the family fills me up. Passion for my work helps me overlook fatigue. When your eyes shine and you are inspired, everything is to be created easily and quickly, and there is always time for it.

4. What kind of future do you want to live in? What kind of projects are you creating for that?

I want to create a world filled with love and harmony, where everyone lives from the heart and people understand each other. In such a world, everyone is unique and lives in harmony with nature, themselves, and technology - creating life rather than destroying it. I believe in a future with alternative energy and care for the environment, which should allow us to raise happy children, unlock their "inner geniuses," and make the world more beautiful.

Currently, I am working on several projects united by common values: study of human nature and consciousness, education, ecology, and mental health.

5. What are you dreaming of to create in the next 10 years?

My dream is to bring airships back to the world and create new "lungs" for our planet. In the next 10 years I plan to realize this kind of ambitious projects. I also intend to continue creating SPA spaces, start producing my own line of natural cosmetics, open educational spaces for families, and launch numerous interactive museums of the new era.

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