As the Apple Watch approaches its 10th anniversary, Apple is set to unveil significant updates to its flagship smartwatch series, known as the “Series” models, this autumn. According to a Bloomberg report, these enhancements include expanded screens and a more slender build, while maintaining a similar overall design. The upcoming Series 10, with codenames N217 and N218, will boast display sizes on par with the Apple Watch Ultra. However, the Ultra, which was last updated in 2022, is not expected to undergo major design alterations.

Internally, both the Series 10 and the new Ultra 3 will feature an upgraded chip, potentially paving the way for future AI advancements. Nonetheless, the forthcoming Apple Intelligence suite of AI capabilities will initially be exclusive to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and eventually the Vision Pro, without immediate integration into the Apple Watch. The marketing approach for these watches, whether as anniversary editions or part of a broader 2025 launch, remains unclear. The original Apple Watch was unveiled in 2014 but hit the market in 2015, providing Apple with options for commemorative activities.

A key area of anticipation is the integration of new health monitoring tools into the Apple Watch. Apple has been working on technologies to detect high blood pressure and sleep apnea, originally planned for a 2023 release. However, the development has encountered substantial hurdles. The blood pressure monitoring feature, despite its potential, has struggled with reliability in testing, possibly delaying its launch. The sleep apnea detection feature faces even more significant challenges, largely due to its dependence on blood oxygen saturation measurements. A legal battle with Masimo Corp. has further complicated Apple's efforts to include this functionality. Apple may either resolve the legal issue or explore alternative solutions to implement the feature by September, though a delay remains a possibility.

Beyond new features, Apple is also investigating manufacturing advancements, such as using 3D printing for the chassis of certain models, which could simplify production and minimize material use. Additionally, the company is developing a new iteration of the budget-friendly Apple Watch SE, last refreshed in 2022, potentially positioning it to compete with Samsung's $199 Galaxy Watch FE, as the current SE starts at $249.