Amrita Sethi is the first NFT artist in the UAE, a pioneering award-winning artist and opinion leader in the Web 3 space, and the creator of her own unique art genre - Augmented Reality (AR) SoundBYTE(s) Amrita created the AR physical artwork titled ‘Astronomia Art UAE Jacob & Co’ AR SoundBYTE. Please scan the QR code to see Augmented Reality burst to life in 3D animation.

When the Astronomia tourbillon was introduced in 2014, it was the re-invention of the tourbillon in a vertical orientation and the constant turning of its four satellites that garnered most attention. What led to developing the Astronomia Art Collection, however, was its incredible sapphire crystal and precious metal case, putting everything inside on display.

Soon, arose the idea to develop special art works to be put inside the Astronomia tourbillon, using its sapphire crystal and precious metal case as a gallery, while still showcasing the incredible Astronomia tourbillon’s movement. The brand started with dragons, octopi, spiders, horses, and more. Incredibly successful, Jacob & Co. has been expanding the Astro- nomia Tourbillon Art Collection ever since. Now, comes the Astronomia Art United Arab Emirates.

With the Astronomia Art United Arab Emirates, it is a double-axis tourbillion, spinning on one axis in 60 seconds and on the other in five minutes.

Movement Manufacture Jacob&Co. Power Reserve 60 Hours Thickness 25 mm Caliber JCAM25 Case 18K rose gold Water resistance 30 m. Components 384 Case diameter 50 mm

The Astronomia Art Collection has become an icon within the brand, colectors looking to Jacob & Co. for what's coming next. The Astronomia Art is a showcase of Jacob & Co.'s commitment to using traditional métiers d'art with a contemporary approach.

Specifically, the Astronomia Art United Arab Emirates includes four miniature sculptures, hand-crafted & painted, especially for this project by a miniature artist Jacob & Co. has been working with for several years. This is how Jacob & Co. has achieved such a level of detail & expression on such tiny constructions. Namely, these are four of the most iconic ones to be ever built in the UAE.