Australia is set to transfer its most sensitive intelligence data to the cloud through a A$2 billion agreement with Amazon Web Services. Defence Minister Richard Marles highlighted that this move will enhance the interoperability of the Australian defence force with the United States. Rachel Noble, the Director General of the Australian Signals Directorate, noted that the agency will expand its use of artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis, with new top secret data centres to be established in Australia.

Noble emphasized the significance of AI in the intelligence sector, stating that the agency is committed to using AI ethically and responsibly. She explained the need for careful governance and understanding of AI tools to ensure their proper application. Marles, speaking at a press conference, praised the resilience provided by the cloud services, which are designed to continue operations even if a server fails.

He also mentioned in an ABC TV interview that modern warfare increasingly involves top secret data, crucial for platforms like the F-35A joint strike fighter. Andrew Shearer, the Director-General of National Intelligence, reiterated the importance of interoperability with key security partners like the United States. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that this partnership with Amazon Web Services will not only bolster national security capabilities but also create 2,000 local jobs.