In biopics, maintaining a balance between factual accuracy and engaging storytelling is crucial. It's essential for a biopic to stay true to the facts, avoiding the temptation to idealize or sanitize its subject. The true essence lies in humanizing the individual, showing their flaws, struggles, and victories with honesty and authenticity. However, this pursuit of authenticity presents its own challenges. There's a risk of turning the biopic into a documentary-style presentation, which could make it dry and unengaging. Filmmakers like Kabir Khan, director of the upcoming biopic 'Chandu Champion,' which tells the story of India's first Paralympic gold medalist, Murlikant Petkar, understand this balance. Khan, known for his commitment to truthfulness, as seen in his previous biopic on Kapil Dev, '83,' believes in portraying subjects as they truly were, including their less heroic moments. In an interview, Khan emphasized the importance of showing Petkar's lows and vulnerabilities to give depth to his triumphs. He believes that authenticity should always take precedence over popularity, focusing on presenting the subject matter with honesty and depth.

Kartik Aaryan, who plays the lead in 'Chandu Champion,' has shown immense dedication to his role. Despite limited references, Aaryan immersed himself in the character, undergoing rigorous training to accurately portray a swimmer, army man, and wrestler. His transformation is evident in the film's trailer, promising a performance marked by authenticity and sincerity. Aaryan describes the role as one of the most demanding of his career, involving intense physical and mental preparation to embody the character as envisioned by Khan. The film aims to bring forth the story of a forgotten hero, highlighting Petkar's resilience and determination.

The trailer also hints at a significant part of Petkar's later life, where he took legal action against the President of India for being denied the Arjuna Awards. When asked about the significance of awards, Aaryan and Khan both expressed that the real reward lies in the impact of their work and the audience's genuine affection. Aaryan, who often sits among the audience during his film's screenings, values their reactions above any award. 'Chandu Champion' is set to release in UAE theatres on June 14, promising an inspirational and thrilling story that deserves to be told and seen.