Best high quality meal delivery services in Dubai

Online services greatly simplify life and help to get through your daily chores faster. For example, you can order a quick groceries delivery or ready-to-eat meals to rid yourself of a trip to the store or other place. For residents or visitors of Dubai, there are a number of such services that help you quickly find groceries to cook or even order prepared meal from one of the restaurants. We share the best meal delivery apps in Dubai and their features.
Eat Clean
A unique application that has no alternatives in the Emirates. In fact, this program does not just help to order ready-made food, but serves as a full-fledged guide to a healthy lifestyle. In it, the user can even create his own menu of proper nutrition. To do this, you need to enter your data into a special calculator to determine calorie intake. Then choose from suitable meal plans the one that fully corresponds to your tastes or interests.
When the meal plan is formed, with the help of the application, you can begin to implement it. The database contains all the right food outlets in Dubai, so you can easily choose a caterer and place a delivery order. You can not only create a ready-made menu in the app, but also buy other nice goodies like fresh juices, proper nutrion pastries, gluten-free, dairy-free and plant based meals, vegan or diet bars, and other types of products.
The app has a simple, user-friendly interface that you can understand in 5-10 minutes. With EAT CLEAN you will always have access to a clean, healthy and balanced diet.

Mushroom Pasta from Talabat


Talabat is a mobile application that specializes in delivering ready-to-eat food from national or international restaurants. The coverage of the service is not limited by the territory of Dubai, so it can be used in other parts of the United Arab Emirates.
The advantage of the service is the ease of selecting the dishes you are interested in. Immediately after logging in to the application, you can get full access to view different cuisines offered by the service's partner restaurants. In addition, the functionality of the program makes it possible to immediately select a ready-made, balanced menu for proper nutrition. In your personal cabinet there is a history of previous deliveries, so you have the opportunity to repeat the order exactly or order a similar menu, but with some changes.
The convenience of Talabat is that the program offers several payment methods. In addition to the cashless payment standard, you can pay in cash when you receive the food.
A unique feature of the service is that you don't have to register an account to order. You can order delivery in the status of a guest, which is convenient for a short-term visit to Dubai. If you plan to use the service again, it is recommended to register, as it will give you new opportunities.
Careem NOW
Similar to the CIS, the UAE has its own meal delivery service that serves as the cab service extension. Careem NOW is an additional option of CareemTaxi, designed for quick ordering of ready-to-eat food with delivery. The service is available on both Android and iOS.
Since the functionality of the program was developed based on the cab service standards, it has appropriate functions that will please users who want to keep everything under control. In the section of the current order there is an opportunity to track it in real time.
In terms of usability, the application interface also contains a number of useful features. For example, current promotions in venues are highlighted in a separate tab, so you can quickly find favorable restaurant offers. In addition, there is an option to save orders to your favorites list. This makes it possible to order food in a few clicks, as even in case you want to change the order, it can be done much faster than creating a new application.
Eat Easy
EatEasy is a service that covers all regions of the UAE. The list of establishments from which food is delivered includes not only thousands of high quality restaurants, but also snack bars or other smaller cafes. In addition, users of the service have the opportunity to order not only ready-to-eat food, but also groceries.
The app is convenient for all user groups. Payment is available both by cash and bank card. Delivery covers all neighborhoods of Dubai without exception. All establishments in the list are sorted according to their location, type of cuisine and other characteristics. Another advantage of EatEasy is the availability of cashback: for each order you get points that can be used to save money.
The Eat Easy service is available on all possible platforms. It can be installed from the AppStore or GooglePlay, or you can download the desktop version for your computer.

Deliveroo is an app that works in different areas of Dubai and specializes in delivering ready-to-eat food from restaurants or other places. The menu for meal delivery includes inexpensive, traditional dishes such as burgers and sandwiches.
The interface of the application implies maximum informativeness. In the current order section, you will see the entire progress of the order, from the beginning of cooking to the selected address delivery.
Noon is an app for users who are ready to trust a start-up company and get great discounts in return. Now Noon food works as a delivery service for groceries, as well as ready-to-eat food from restaurants. Since the program is in the stage of active development, it attracts customers with excellent offers. Promotions sometimes allow you to save up to 50% off the original prices. At the same time, Noon's service is top-notch.
The app works on Android and iOS devices, and a large number of eateries are available for ordering. There is an express delivery service that takes no more than 15-20 minutes. The availability of this app depends on your location.
From ready-to-eat meal delivery services, let's move on to apps that deliver groceries. Let's start with the Fish Box app, where you can find the best fresh fish and seafood. Initially, the service worked only in Dubai, but its expansion is planned for other emirates as well.
The service gives an opportunity to order fresh fish from different countries and regions of the world. The format of the products depends on what form you need them in. Seafood can be delivered in its original form, as fillets or in portioned form. It takes no more than a day to ship an order and delivery is available 6 days a week. Each item is packed in an airtight container.
Springbok app is a recognized high quality supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Operating in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It specializes in premium meat products. The company delivers only fresh meat with no harmful impurities. Typically, users choose ready-made baskets containing one or another type of products.
Springbok delivers both regular meat and prepared meals. For example, individual baskets may contain marinated kebabs, hamburgers, steaks or other products.
My Quality and Convenience
My Quality and Convenience is a specialized grocery retailer with a meal delivery service. The service allows you to buy all kinds of Italian products. These include pasta, sauces, fruits, vegetables or other categories produced under the original Italian brands.
My Quality and Convenience is a favorable grocery vendor. If the vendor's terms and conditions are met, delivery within Dubai is completely free. The app is not yet available in other cities.
Fruitful Day
As the name makes clear, Fruitful Day is a service specialized in fruit delivery. The best seller is the box, which costs about 125 dirhams and contains up to 20 varieties of different fruits. There are also trial boxes, which cost less and give you the chance to test a selection. All products are tested for freshness, so the marketable seasonal fruits from different countries are delivered. Among other things, the meal kits contain mangoes, melons, cherries, seasonal berries and other types of healthy fruits.
Fruitful Day operates only in Dubai and offers regular delivery in the form of a subscription with prior email notification. Subscriptions can be canceled or the delivery day can be rescheduled if needed.
The Fruit Box
The Fruit Box is another company that delivers pre-packaged meal kits in boxes. The main product is a six-kilogram box with 15 types of fresh fruit for 40 servings. Deliveries are made to both homes and offices. If necessary, the customer can order a substitution of one or more items included in the fruit set.
The fruit box contains fresh fruit, including seasonal or in demand. The service has a fast delivery, its term is no more than 24 hours. Delivery is free within Dubai, while in other emirates it is charged for.
Farm Box
FarmBox is a relatively new service that offers an innovative approach to grocery shopping. Instead of visiting supermarkets and trying to find natural food among fruits, vegetables and other categories with harmful additives, Farm Box gives you the opportunity to buy safe, organic produce, gluten-free products. Among the products are both UAE-produced and European.
Farm Box operates on a subscription model, which can be suspended if necessary. All product categories (fruits, vegetables, eggs) are delivered chilled and packaged, so they can be used immediately. Products get to the customer the next day after the order. 5 days a week delivery is free of charge.

Quality Food

The Quality Food app allows you to order different categories of food: meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables. Each category is checked for freshness and implies the absence of harmful additives.
Quality Food service is available only in Dubai. Delivery is free of charge for orders over 100 dirhams.

Kibsons service is a large range of products of different types. You can add meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, beverages, nuts and other products to your cart. All items are of high quality, delivered on time, and free of harmful impurities.
Kibsons stands out among other companies for the speed of delivery. Even in case of evening order registration it is delivered in the first half of the next day. At the same time, the delivery itself is free of charge. You can order products from Kibsons only in Dubai.
Delivery services greatly simplify life in Dubai and other emirates. Using the listed apps, you will order:
·       Prepared food from restaurants or other establishments
·       Meat products
·       Fish and seafood
·       Fruits or vegetables
·       Dairy products
Not only will you get your order at your doorstep at home, but you can also speed up your meal preparation as most of the services deliver ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook foods. By using these apps, you will get the best groceries or ready-to-eat food in UAE without visiting a supermarket or restaurant.