Nestled in the heart of the busy Trade Centre area on Sheikh Zayed Road, within the Voco Hotel, Bistro Aamara is excited to announce the introduction of its Business lunch. This exceptional lunch experience, available daily from 12PM to 3PM, presents a thoughtfully crafted three-course menu for only Dh125, all inclusive.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse culinary heritage of the Silk Route, Chef Ritwik Sarkar presents a symphony of flavors from the Far East to the West on your plate. The menu, influenced by the spices and recipes exchanged along this renowned route, promises a delightful and varied dining experience to suit every palate, reimagining a regular workday into an extraordinary culinary adventure in a tranquil oasis.

Whether it's for closing deals or simply taking a break, Bistro Aamara guarantees a memorable experience, offering a culinary oasis amidst the bustle of Sheikh Zayed Road. It celebrates global culinary diversity and cultural richness, with a menu that reflects culinary innovation drawn from the countries historically linked by the traditional Silk Route.

The menu features an array of options including Soups & Salads, Small Plates, Large Plates, and Desserts, giving patrons the opportunity to savor a variety of delights.

What you need to know about Bistro Aamara’s business lunch:

When: Every day from 12PM to 3PM
What: Three-course meal for Dh125 (all Inclusive)
Where: Voco Hotel, second floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre area