A recently deleted video featuring K-pop superstar Jennie from Blackpink seemingly smoking a vape inside has ignited a wave of online backlash. The Seoul foreign ministry informed AFP on Tuesday that they had received an official complaint regarding the matter. The clip, originally part of a YouTube live blog for fans but later taken down, shows Jennie appearing to blow vape smoke while a group of hair and makeup artists attend to her closely. Indoor smoking of cigarettes or vapes is prohibited in South Korea, leading to significant headlines and online fury, with 'indoor smoking' and 'BLACKPINK Jennie' trending heavily on X in the South.

The Yonhap news agency's coverage titled 'Controversy over Jennie's indoor smoking... exhaling smoke in the face of her staff,' reflects the widespread media attention in Korean-language outlets. An internet user speculated that the incident likely occurred in Capri, Italy, where Jennie was filming, and requested the South Korean Embassy in Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the Blackpink star, as reported by the Korea Times. The user called for Seoul to seek an investigation from Italian authorities and take stringent measures regarding Jennie's indoor smoking.

South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to AFP on Tuesday that they had received a petition related to the incident. Blackpink, renowned as one of South Korea's most successful K-pop girl groups, has achieved numerous milestones, including topping both local and international music charts. They are also the first K-pop girl group to lead the US Billboard 200 chart and the first Asian artists to headline major music festivals like Coachella.

Critics on South Korean portal Naver expressed deep disappointment, questioning Jennie's judgment in posting such a video on her social media channel. Smoking rates in South Korea are notably high, yet official data shows that only 5% of South Korean women smoke, compared to 30% of men. K-pop stars undergo intense training before debuting and are expected to adhere to strict behavioral norms, with smoking, dating, and swearing often prohibited, especially in the early years post-debut. Jennie has previously admitted to grappling with these high expectations, describing the experience as 'really harsh' in a Netflix documentary.