Blossom Nursery is thrilled to unveil its Circus Adventure Summer Camp, a program designed to immerse children in a summer of enjoyment, imagination, and education. Operating from July 1 to August 23, the camp features adaptable scheduling at many Blossom Nursery sites. This year’s theme, The Circus Adventure, is set to deliver an exciting and educational journey for young participants. Kids will partake in a range of circus-themed exercises including hula hooping, juggling, bowling, role-playing, and sensory activities. Furthermore, they will be introduced to animal safety measures, investigate animal environments, and take part in rescue operations. These initiatives are crafted to enhance both fine and gross motor abilities, boost creativity, and promote social and emotional development.

“Our aim is to create a supportive and invigorating setting where children can discover, learn, and enjoy themselves. The Circus Adventure theme provides a distinctive mix of physical exercise, sensory engagement, creative outlet, and educational discovery,” explains May Zalat, the Head of Education at Blossom Nursery. Key features of the Circus Adventure Summer Camp include: Engaging Circus Activities that help children master various circus skills, enhancing their coordination, balance, and performance abilities. Animal Care Workshops that offer interactive sessions on animal safety and care, promoting empathy and responsibility. Creative Crafts and Role Play that inspire children to design costumes, props, and engage in imaginative play. Social Interaction and Friendships that offer a prime chance for children to connect with peers, form new friendships, and cultivate crucial social skills through teamwork, cooperation, and shared experiences.

The camp caters to children aged 45 days to 6 years in Dubai (up to 5 years in Abu Dhabi), providing a secure, inclusive, and stimulating environment. With limited spaces available, parents are advised to register their children promptly to ensure participation in this vibrant summer initiative.