Blue Ocean Corporation, a global leader in supply chain consulting and training, takes pride in its significant role in advancing sustainability in the UAE. Its efforts are highlighted by the declaration of 2024 as the Year of Sustainability by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed, building on the 2023 theme. The company actively contributes to the country's sustainability goals by guiding organizations to attain the coveted Enterprise Sustainability Certification.

Recognizing the pressing need to address environmental and social challenges due to increasing climatic changes, the global community is emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Organizations embracing sustainable practices are better positioned to excel in this highly competitive landscape. The UAE Government has set ambitious sustainability targets to nurture a green economy and promote responsible business practices, aligning with which Blue Ocean Corporation is dedicated to empowering organizations to navigate the intricate sustainability landscape.

As a Superbrand and an ASCM-Authorized Consulting Partner, Blue Ocean Corporation supports organizations in their journey towards sustainable transformation, assessing their readiness for the sustainability certification, guiding them through the process, and enabling them to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

The company's comprehensive approach focuses on implementing environmentally friendly practices, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting social responsibility. The Enterprise Certification for Sustainability from the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) evaluates social responsibility, economic sustainability, and ecological stewardship, serving as a testament to a company's dedication to sustainable practices and its positive impact on its reputation and overall contribution to the community and the planet.

Dr. Sathya Menon, the group CEO, emphasized the company's responsibility as a leader in supply chain consulting to significantly contribute to the nation's sustainability goals. He expressed confidence in the company's consulting solutions to help organizations achieve sustainability standards and earn the esteemed ASCM Enterprise Certification for Sustainability. Vipin Vaidyanathan, head of the consulting wing, highlighted the essential role of sustainable practices in preserving the environment and fostering long-term prosperity and societal well-being, pledging to champion sustainability within the organization and among its clients.

Standing in solidarity with the UAE Government's commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility, Blue Ocean Corporation joins the mission to establish the nation as a pioneer in sustainability.