For Indian children raised outside India, Bollywood holds a unique charm. It provides a glimpse into Indian customs and rituals, highlighting a glamorous side to them. Varsha Phulwani, who grew up in the 90s, recalls her childhood filled with Bollywood movies and celebrity interviews, which inspired her to speak eloquently. She even created her own Bollywood magazine as a child, which she printed and assembled herself. Now, as a social media manager in Dubai, Varsha has turned her passion into her own brand on Instagram, where her handle @varzilla shares insightful and popular takes on Bollywood news.

Varsha's content stands out for its authenticity and incisiveness. She focuses on public aspects of celebrities, ensuring respect while offering unfiltered opinions. Her approach to discussing topics like plastic surgery in Bollywood aims to debunk the myth of perfection and make viewers feel better about themselves. However, being critical on social media can lead to personal attacks from fans, which Varsha handles by focusing on the positive impact of her content.

Despite the challenges, Varsha believes in the power of authenticity in her content, which resonates with a wide audience. She emphasizes the importance of topical subjects in generating engagement, such as events like the Cannes Film Festival. As Bollywood evolves, Varsha reflects on the changing dynamics of stardom, noting that the era of long-lasting superstardom might be fading. However, Bollywood remains a magical escape for her, despite its declining content quality.