For nearly 90 years, Brazil-based BRF has been delivering delectable food globally, standing as one of the largest food companies with presence in over 127 countries. Its production facilities span across 35 plants in Brazil, located in 10 states, and an additional six abroad. BRF first ventured into the Middle East market in the 1970s with Sadia brand's frozen whole poultry. By the 1980s, Sadia introduced frozen chicken parts, a significant innovation at the time, emphasizing convenience, quality, and food safety. Today, Sadia, BRF's flagship brand, leads the market and is the preferred choice in the region's poultry sector.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of BRF's first factory in the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Kezad, a pivotal establishment in the rapidly growing Middle East market. The Kezad factory is the largest in the region, producing 80,000 tonnes/year of value-added products, enabling swift innovation and distribution to enhance customer experiences. In Q1 2024, it earned the 'Green Label Industries' seal for environmental excellence for the second year in a row. BRF also operates four other factories strategically positioned between the Middle East and Turkey, including a cutting-edge facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 18,000 tonnes/year, underscoring BRF's commitment to regional food security.

BRF has invested over $500 million in the region over the past 15 years, with factories playing a crucial role in innovation and rapid product distribution. BRF maintains a leadership position by introducing innovative, high-value products and expanding its portfolio to cater to diverse local tastes. Each product is crafted with a commitment to high quality, supported by an integrated supply chain requiring sustainable management.

Sustainable management at BRF involves developing people, respecting the environment and animal welfare, and fostering business growth to create value for all stakeholders. BRF's organizational culture is dynamic, evolving guided by commitments to safety, integrity, and quality. Looking ahead, BRF aims to remain central to government agendas on food security, sustainability, job creation, and technological advancements, strengthening consumer connections and ensuring products resonate as 'home-like' for each of its 500 million Halal Region consumers.

BRF's continuous improvement journey in the region led to a Q1 2024 net profit of $594 million, thanks to the dedication of its 100,000 employees. This success reinforces BRF's confidence in achieving efficiency and consolidating a high-performance culture in 2024.