Bryson DeChambeau faced a crucial moment at the 18th hole, needing to execute a bunker shot to secure victory in the US Open. On Sunday, he delivered a remarkable 55-yard bunker shot to within four feet and confidently sank the putt, claiming his second US Open title. DeChambeau described the bunker shot as the best of his career, expressing immense joy over the successful up-and-down on the final hole. His playing partner, Matthieu Pavon, who finished fifth, was astounded by DeChambeau's performance under immense pressure, calling it one of the greatest shots in golf history. DeChambeau, who also won the 2020 US Open, capitalized on Rory McIlroy's late mistakes, including a missed four-foot par putt on the 18th. DeChambeau, who had narrowly missed victory at the previous month's PGA Championship, was determined not to finish second again. His caddie, Gregory Bodine, played a pivotal role, encouraging DeChambeau with reminders of his past successes from similar situations. DeChambeau acknowledged the role of luck in golf but emphasized his commitment to giving his best effort on every shot. After a four-year gap between his major wins, DeChambeau acknowledged that McIlroy's near-miss would likely motivate him further. DeChambeau expressed a desire for more competitive battles with McIlroy and reflected on the mental strength required in such high-pressure situations. He also mentioned the influence of his late father and Payne Stewart, whose memory inspired him throughout the tournament.