“It was incredibly challenging. However, I am grateful to Almighty for my success,” remarked Islam Belaribi, a thymus cancer survivor who has turned into a social media influencer, spreading awareness about the disease. Diagnosed at 18 in 2019, Islam initially struggled to accept his condition. “My loved ones were always supportive. I lacked knowledge about cancer at first, but the firsthand experience of suffering and trauma motivated me to share my story and promote positivity,” Islam explained. He underwent treatment in Algeria and the UAE, following a thorough medical regimen. Looking back, Islam shared, “I was terrified. I was only 18. Yet, I mustered the courage to combat the illness. It marked the start of a journey I never anticipated.”

Inspired by his challenging ordeal, Islam started documenting his journey on social media to show that life continues post-cancer diagnosis. His platforms on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook rapidly amassed over 1.3 million followers. His posts vary from personal insights to motivational content and practical tips for managing cancer. “I was confident I would overcome it. It’s a tough path, but it can lead to positive outcomes,” Islam stated. The response to his social media presence was immense, with messages of support flooding in from across the globe.

“I get messages encouraging cancer patients to fight. I am always here for them. I didn’t foresee my story having such an impact,” Islam noted. He has also worked with medical experts to disseminate accurate information about treatments and healthcare. His social media content covers a broad spectrum, including personal stories, motivational messages, and practical advice on handling cancer. “I began sharing to manage my emotions, but it evolved into something much larger. The support is overwhelming, and I’m thankful to offer hope to others,” Islam added.

“I discussed my treatment, daily routine, and strategies to fight the disease. During my treatment, thousands from my social media community prayed for me,” Islam recounted. After almost three years of struggle, Islam triumphed over cancer by mid-2022. He continued with periodic tests until 2023, confirming his cancer-free status. “Alhamdulillah, I am entirely free of cancer,” Islam affirmed. He remains actively involved in awareness campaigns, fundraising, and public speaking. As a project manager for a charity in Algeria, he concentrates on delivering essential services such as food, healthcare, and education to those in need.

Reflecting on his journey, Islam attributed his survival hope to those around him. “Fighting this disease taught me the significance of aiding others. In our fast-paced world, what people truly seek is time and attention. I have committed my life to helping those in need.” Looking forward, Islam plans to author a book about his journey, aiming to offer guidance and inspiration to others facing similar challenges.