Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC, a part of the Swisscanonica Group, initiated its operations in Dubai in 2015 by offering catering services to schools. Swisscanonica is a family-owned Swiss group of companies with a long-standing presence in F&B services, as well as the production and retail of handmade chocolates since 1948.

At Swisscanonica in Dubai, the primary focus is on food quality, leading the brand to dedicate significant efforts towards researching and selecting high-quality ingredients. To provide a well-balanced, healthy, and nutritious daily meal for growing children, menus are developed in collaboration with a nutritional specialist.

Currently, the company serves 11 schools across 12 campuses in Dubai, catering to a wide range of curriculums including International, French, German, American, and British.

The Head Chef at Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC is deeply passionate about food and is dedicated to crafting exceptional dining experiences. This dedication is evident in every meal he prepares for the students. In the upcoming academic year, the company plans to introduce a new menu model featuring multiple daily main course options.

Students will have the opportunity to personalize their menus through a new mobile application for online ordering, providing a unique and exceptional dining experience. This blend of culinary expertise, outstanding quality, and attentive personalized service sets Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC apart in the competitive Dubai market.

The Services:

  • Private and Public Events catering.
  • School catering.
  • Corporate catering.
  • Yacht parties.
  • Restaurants and Coffee shops.
  • ISO and HACCP certified B to B manufacturer.

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