In line with the strategic initiative and the promotion of mechanic advocacy, Castrol lubricants in the UAE collaborated with Aster DM Health Care to offer health check-ups for the trucking community. The aim was to engage with all truckers across the nation, enhancing health awareness and facilitating access to local medical professionals. The Castrol team conducted door-to-door visits along highways and in industrial zones, interacting with transport companies, and through the partnership with Aster DM Health Care, provided daily professional health screenings for truckers. More than 10,000 truckers were contacted during this campaign, and those who participated in the wellness checks were given a co-branded Castrol/Aster Wellness card. This card offers free medical checks and discounted rates on prescribed medications from Aster DM Health Care, valid for a year across their network in both UAE and India. Castrol’s CRB Truckers Wellness campaign not only encouraged preventive health check-ups among truckers but also aimed to raise health awareness among economically disadvantaged groups. Dubai Police commended Castrol lubricants in the Middle East for their steadfast dedication to the Castrol CRB Truckers Wellness program in the country, highlighting the significant role of the trucking community in the logistics industry and its impact on national economic growth. The program serves as an inspiration for other brands involved with the trucking community to enhance their business practices.