Non-resident Indians (NRIs) in the UAE are feeling excluded due to the inability to vote, which denies them a crucial democratic voice in their homeland's affairs. Many NRIs are unable to travel to India during the ongoing general elections, a significant concern among the diaspora, especially in regions with large NRI populations such as the UAE.

Several Indian residents in the UAE emphasized their emotional and cultural connection to their homeland despite living abroad. They stressed the importance of establishing a system that enables them to vote to ensure their voices are heard in shaping the future of India.

Arogya Reddy, a Sharjah-based school Principal living in the UAE for 12 years, regrets missing the opportunity to vote and urges the Indian government to introduce NRI ballots in the Indian missions through postal or online ballots. The staggered Indian elections are currently underway, with nearly 970 million eligible voters, and NRIs in the UAE are pushing for electronic or postal ballots to boost voter participation.

Since 2011, NRIs have had the opportunity to vote, but they must still be physically present in their constituencies to cast their votes. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has been exploring alternative methods, including the use of postal ballots, to enable overseas voters to participate in elections.

Indian resident Priyadarshee Panigrahi, traveling back to Orissa from Dubai to participate in the elections, highlighted the inconvenience and expense involved in the process, urging the government of India to address the issue. Ansoo Gupta, a Dubai resident from Uttar Pradesh, emphasized the need for a reliable and inclusive electoral process for NRIs living in faraway countries.