Director: Kabir Khan

Starring: Kartik Aaryan, Vijay Raaz, Shraddha Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Rajpal Yadav

Rating: 3 stars

A young sports enthusiast shares his lofty ambitions with his father, who responds with a slap and a stern reminder to concentrate on academics. Later, the father reprimands his son for insufficient earnings. Despite this, the determined youth pursues his dreams, often losing his temper when labeled a 'loser'. Eventually, a powerful speech is delivered on the resilience of determined individuals, likening them to ordinary people. These scenes are significant because they echo the struggles seen in recent Hindi films like Shrikant and Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. Chandu Champion intertwines themes of sports passion and physical disability. Kabir Khan's biographical sports drama surpasses both mentioned films in quality.

Positives include Kartik Aaryan's significant growth as an actor, portraying the complex emotions of an aspiring Olympian turned Paralympian, Murlikant Petkar. Vijay Raaz also shines as the strict mentor-coach, enhancing every scene. The film's technical aspects, such as sound design and cinematography, are commendable, especially the well-directed sports sequences. However, Aaryan's Marathi accent feels forced.

The film's narrative focuses on Petkar, India's first individual Olympic gold winner, whose story was overlooked by history. Despite the predictable first half filled with clichés, the film manages to engage through its portrayal of Petkar's resilience. The loud, clichéd dialogues and unnecessary songs detract from the film's impact, but the emotional authenticity in the latter part of the film, reminiscent of Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan, redeems it. The film concludes with a montage honoring Petkar, leaving viewers inspired and forgiving of the film's earlier flaws.