In a social experiment, only one out of 37 participants hesitated to accept free ice cream from a stranger in return for entering his van. The other 36 children readily accepted the offer, underscoring the prevalent inability among children to recognize potential danger from strangers. The Sharjah Child Safety Department (CSD) disclosed this concerning insight into children's safety awareness through the experiment conducted at Kshisha Park in the emirate. A scenario was set up where a friendly ice cream vendor approached children, offering free treats in exchange for entering his vehicle. Shockingly, most children accepted the offer without any hesitation. The experiment aimed to gauge the level of child safety awareness among young residents when interacting with strangers and to determine the necessary guidance for safe interactions and avoiding stranger danger. The CSD emphasized the urgent need to educate children on handling such situations safely, urging parents, teachers, and the community to collaborate in enhancing awareness and educational programs for child safety. The department also pointed out the severe risks faced by uninformed children, including potential abduction and increased likelihood of physical harm or abuse, which can significantly affect a child's physical and mental health, as well as their academic and social development. The long-term impacts of child abuse, often requiring extensive medical and psychological interventions, were also highlighted. Hanadi Al Yafei, the director of CSD, stressed the importance of teaching children how to safely navigate situations involving strangers and making the right decisions when faced with stranger danger. She also reminded parents, educators, and caregivers of the need for increased vigilance regarding children's safety. 'Child safety starts with our awareness and the guidance we provide to our children,' she noted. 'While the UAE offers one of the safest environments globally, it is crucial not to overlook the responsibility of teaching children that not all strangers can be trusted. Awareness and education are vital for ensuring child safety.' The authority urged parents and children to keep the UAE's child helpline number, 800-700, handy for any safety threats.