Citi Developers, a real estate company based in Dubai, is looking to expand its presence across the UAE in response to high demand and growing needs from end users. Zoraiz Malik, the CEO of Citi Developers, mentioned that the company is commencing its operations in Dubai with the launch of Aveline Residence in Jumeirah Village Circle and has plans for another project in the same area. The company aims to introduce multiple projects in Dubai and the UAE, with each one surpassing the previous in terms of luxury and innovation. Malik emphasized the success of the Aveline Residence project, noting that 90% of the units have already been sold due to the high-quality homes offered at competitive prices, attracting a strong demand, especially from expatriates.

Malik highlighted that their communities are designed to provide optimal living environments for families, with prices ranging from Dh600,000 to Dh2 million. This marks the company's debut in the UAE market, featuring unique elements that differentiate it from other real estate projects in Dubai. Aveline is characterized by its blend of contemporary luxury and environmental consciousness, offering sustainable design elements throughout the development. Residents can expect a superior lifestyle experience, panoramic views, and world-class amenities catering to the preferences of modern urban dwellers. Its strategic location provides convenient access to key business districts, major hubs, and leisure attractions, further enhancing its appeal to residents and investors. Additionally, Aveline prioritizes community-building and social engagement, creating spaces that foster a sense of belonging and connectivity among residents.

According to Malik, Citi Developers' entry into the UAE real estate market aligns with their vision of global expansion and diversification. They aspire to establish a strong presence in the vibrant real estate market of the UAE while contributing to sustainable growth. Their objectives include enhancing brand recognition, delivering high-quality projects tailored to the UAE market, and forming partnerships with local stakeholders. The company is dedicated to creating exceptional value, driving innovation and positively impacting the communities they serve, while upholding their core values of integrity and professionalism.

The CEO highlighted the UAE's status as a dynamic hub for real estate investment and development, emphasizing its appeal to investors and developers seeking high-quality real estate properties. With its cosmopolitan lifestyle, tax incentives, and business-friendly regulations, the UAE offers a conducive environment for Citi Developers to thrive in the competitive real estate landscape. The company aims to revolutionize the real estate landscape in the UAE by introducing pioneering concepts such as Aveline Residences, incorporating smart technology, sustainable design, and mixed-use development principles. Their focus on innovation extends to construction techniques, exploring modular construction and advanced materials to streamline processes and deliver high-quality projects efficiently.

Overall, Citi Developers' strategy revolves around innovative and sustainable design, vibrant community engagement, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, with a vision to offer a unique and remarkable living experience in their housing projects in the UAE.