The remains of an American mountaineer, who vanished 22 years ago while attempting to climb a snowy peak in Peru, have been discovered due to the melting of ice caused by climate change, according to police reports on Monday.

William Stampfl, aged 59 at the time, was reported missing in June 2002 after an avalanche engulfed his climbing group on Mount Huascaran, which rises over 22,000 feet. Despite search and rescue operations, no trace of him was found until now. Peruvian police stated that his body was revealed by the melting ice in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Andes.

Police images show that Stampfl's body, along with his clothing, harness, and boots, was remarkably preserved by the cold. His passport was also recovered among his belongings, enabling police to confirm his identity.

The northeastern Peruvian mountains, including peaks like Huascaran and Cashan, are popular among global mountaineers. In May, the body of an Israeli hiker was found there almost a month after he went missing. Additionally, last month, an experienced Italian mountaineer died after a fall while attempting to climb another peak in the Andes.