A firm was penalized with a fine of Dh20,000 for discarding public waste and construction debris in non-authorized zones in Ajman. The corporation was accused of breaching the rules and directives concerning the disposal of public waste, as stated by Ajman Municipality in an announcement. The vehicle involved in the illegal dumping has also been confiscated. Authorities have emphasized that severe measures are implemented in such instances to discourage potential offenders. Recently, a pioneering facility for extracting recyclable materials from municipal solid waste was unveiled in Abu Dhabi. The primary goal is to gather municipal waste and retrieve recyclables including metals, plastics, and other materials. This initiative aims to significantly reduce waste sent to landfills by recycling and supplying feedstock for the Abu Dhabi Waste to Energy facility. This strategy will boost recycling rates, foster a circular economy, and support the goal of diverting 80% of Abu Dhabi's waste from landfills by 2030.