Live Nation and its Ticketmaster unit face a new consumer antitrust lawsuit, following government and state legal action to dismantle the two companies. The first consumer class-action lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court, seeking $5 billion in damages on behalf of potential ticket purchasers. Plaintiffs accuse Live Nation of monopolizing the live events industry and edging out competitors through coercive tactics.

The lawsuit adds pressure on the companies, as more consumer cases may emerge in response to government lawsuits. Live Nation countered the allegations, labeling the government lawsuit as “baseless” and asserting increased competition in the live events market. Legal experts analyzed the complex legal and factual aspects of the case, highlighting potential challenges in proving antitrust violations to juries.

Despite public sentiment regarding Live Nation, legal scholars emphasized the significance of appearances in such cases, particularly those decided by juries. The prior antitrust case involving Live Nation's Ticketmaster acquisition and the company’s subsequent conduct are contentious points in the ongoing legal battle.