Battling cancer requires courage and determination, as it often strikes unexpectedly and imposes a crushing burden of depression and illness. Indian TV actress Hina Khan is intimately familiar with this struggle. Having been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she has emerged as a symbol of resilience and is steadfast in her fight. Khan is documenting her cancer journey on Instagram, sharing her experiences and emotions. In her recent post, she uploaded a photo of her newly shaved head and surgical scar, asking her followers, "What do you see in this picture? The scars on my body or the hope in my eyes?" She continues, "The scars are mine, and I embrace them with love because they signify the progress I deserve. The hope in my eyes reflects my soul, and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am manifesting my healing and praying for yours too."

Other notable figures, both from India and abroad, have also confronted this formidable disease. Julia Louis Dreyfus, known for her role in 'Veep,' received her stage two breast cancer diagnosis in 2017, just after winning her sixth Emmy. Despite the shock, she found humor in the situation, describing it as a "horrible black comedy." After a year of intensive treatment, including chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, she was declared cancer-free. Reflecting on her experience years later, she noted a heightened mindfulness and focus in her life.

Sheryl Crow almost missed her 2006 mammogram amid personal and professional turmoil. Fortunately, she attended the appointment and was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Following a lumpectomy and radiation therapy, she redefined her identity and priorities, silencing the voices that questioned her worth. Cynthia Nixon, known for her role in 'Sex and the City,' kept her cancer battle discreet, undergoing surgery and radiation without public disclosure until a year later. Olivia Newton-John, the beloved singer and actress, faced multiple recurrences of breast cancer, ultimately passing away in 2022. Throughout her battles, she remained positive and was instrumental in founding a cancer wellness center in Australia.

Tahira Kashyap, wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana, openly shared her journey with DCIS on social media, emphasizing the importance of self-love and resilience. Sonali Bendre, diagnosed with high-grade metastatic cancer in 2018, transformed her initial despair into a positive outlook, encouraging others with her story of hope. Mahima Chaudhary, the actress from 'Pardes,' faced her breast cancer diagnosis with raw honesty, embracing vulnerability and eventually achieving remission. Mumtaz, the iconic Indian film star, confronted her breast cancer with unyielding determination, undergoing extensive treatment and emerging victorious. Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop icon, processed her cancer experience through music, acknowledging the trauma but also the profound awareness and love it brought into her life.