In the shadow of New York skyscrapers, a new field of dreams is emerging, but it's not for baseball. It's for cricket - a sport that enthusiasts are banking on to make a mark in the US.

With a fervent following worldwide, cricket has struggled to capture the interest of Americans, who have long favored American football, basketball, and baseball. However, the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup, co-hosted by the United States, presents an opportunity to change that narrative.

The International Cricket Council has financed a temporary new stadium in Long Island's Eisenhower Park to host eight tournament matches, including a highly anticipated face-off between cricket powerhouses India and Pakistan. This move signifies a significant investment in the sport's future within the US.

Although the venue may not exude the same grandeur as London's Lord's cricket ground, the spotlight will soon be on the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, thanks to swift approval from local authorities.

The cricket fever is palpable, with the India-Pakistan match already sold out, indicating the massive global viewership of the tournament. Despite the temporary nature of the stadium, the event promises to reignite the passion for cricket in a region that is home to a large population with ties to cricket-playing nations.

Once the tournament concludes, local cricket will face its ongoing challenges, especially the lack of dedicated infrastructure in New York. The struggle lies in building the necessary facilities to support the sport's growth.

New York is represented in the Major League Cricket, with efforts underway to establish a permanent venue closer to its devoted fan base. While the sport has seen improvements in certain states, particularly Texas, it continues to face obstacles in New York.

Despite the hurdles, there is optimism among players and enthusiasts. The anticipation surrounding the World Cup has rekindled hope for the future of cricket in New York, reigniting the passion of those who have long been involved in the sport.