Founded in 1993, this company started with a deep passion for abaya accessories. Through the years, they built strong industry relationships, gaining a reputation for quality and dependability. In 2010, spotting an increasing need for high-quality fabrics, they broadened their product range to cater to abaya designers and retailers with a variety of premium materials. The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses globally. Facing closures and restrictions, traditional physical stores struggled, prompting the company to shift strategies. Utilizing their fabric expertise, they reimagined their collection into a beautiful selection of abayas, highlighting the adaptability and classic charm of their materials. The market's response was extraordinary, with demand for their abayas exceeding all projections, underscoring the lasting appeal of this traditional attire. Motivated by this strong support, they initiated a new phase with the introduction of Crystal Abaya Studio in 2020. Crystal Abaya Studio embodies years of experience, passion, and innovation, rooted in principles of simplicity, craftsmanship, and accessibility. The brand sees beauty at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, with their abayas exemplifying this philosophy by merging contemporary styles with timeless elegance. Their dedication to sustainability is comprehensive, influencing all operational aspects from selecting eco-friendly materials to implementing ethical manufacturing processes, aiming to reduce environmental impact and enhance social benefits. They advocate that fashion should be both aesthetically pleasing and socially responsible, a belief that shapes all their activities at Crystal Abaya Studio. In a market saturated with fast fashion, they provide a durable alternative, crafting each abaya to endure, making it a treasured piece for many years. Their focus on quality is equaled by their commitment to affordability, making luxury accessible to everyone, including black abayas, colored abayas, and abaya dresses. Crystal Abaya Studio has received over 4.2K five-star reviews globally. Responding to online feedback, they have opened two outlets in the UAE and plan to expand further to improve customer shopping experiences.