Daria Krasnogor serves as the CEO of a real estate company and is also the founder of a personal branding firm. This 32-year-old Russian expatriate identifies as a serial entrepreneur, a title that fits well in the entrepreneurial hub of Dubai, where she has resided for nearly three years. Her experience in the city has been nothing short of successful.

Reflecting on her relationship with money, Daria describes it as positive. While earning money can be stressful, its acquisition brings relief, confidence, and the joy of realizing dreams. Her early exposure to financial planning in a less affluent household shaped her proactive approach to achieving financial security and the lifestyle she desired.

Lessons from her mother on money management were invaluable, including the importance of budgeting, saving, distinguishing between needs and wants, and fostering financial independence. As an adult, her mother's guidance extended to the significance of investing in financial planning.

The most impactful financial experience for Daria was the failure of her first business and the subsequent success of a new venture, which taught her about risk management, persistence, adaptability, and the value of learning from failures for future success.

Living in the UAE has significantly influenced Daria's financial perspective, enhancing her lifestyle and consumption standards due to the high living standards and cultural diversity. This environment has reshaped her views on money, its value, and its uses.

Advice she would offer her younger self or her child regarding money is to start investing early, recognizing the benefits of compound interest and the advantage of time in achieving long-term financial success.

Daria engages in long-term financial planning, including investments, insurance, real estate, and budgeting for significant purchases, ensuring a sustainable and thoughtful financial future. Together with her spouse, they allocate a percentage of their income to their family budget, adjusting based on monthly earnings.

Each month, Daria and her husband save 40% of their profits towards their goals. By the age of 65, she aims to achieve financial freedom, reflecting on the rewards of her hard work.

Her most significant financial decision, made since the age of 22, has been investing in real estate and stocks, which remains her most profitable financial move.