Dating in a vibrant city like Dubai, with its diverse population, might seem ideal for romantic encounters. However, residents find it challenging, with one even humorously comparing it to an extreme sport. Khaleej Times interviewed various individuals navigating the modern dating scene, revealing both enlightening and dismaying experiences. For instance, 35-year-old Matt, an Italian designer, has been frustrated by 'catfishers' who misrepresent themselves online. Similarly, 23-year-old Indian writer M.D. is amused by men who lie about their height and age on dating apps. Gymnastics coach Sarah Dale, a British expat, notes that many are not upfront about their intentions, often seeking casual encounters despite claiming to want long-term relationships. The prevalence of scammers, who create fake profiles to deceive others, further complicates the dating scene in Dubai. S. Proctor, a 42-year-old British tech professional, and Mohamed A.S., a Jordanian sales manager, both express frustration with these deceptive practices. The lack of finesse and sophistication in interactions on dating apps is another common complaint. N.R., a 26-year-old Indian social media editor, recalls a match who immediately suggested meeting up without any pleasantries. The superficial nature of interactions and the pressure to subscribe to premium services on dating apps are also criticized. Despite these challenges, some success stories emerge, like Sev and Laura, who met on a dating app and are now happily married. These stories highlight that while dating in Dubai can be tough, it's not impossible to find genuine connections.