Torrential rain brought by cyclone Remal caused a collapse in a stone quarry in India's remote northeastern state of Mizoram, killing at least 10 people. Harsh weather conditions hinder rescue efforts for those trapped, authorities reported on Tuesday. Weather experts confirmed that the powerful cyclone had weakened into a depression after wreaking havoc on regional coastlines the previous day. The cyclone claimed at least 16 lives and left millions without power in parts of eastern India and neighboring Bangladesh.

The inclement weather was delaying rescue operations in Melthum, the quarry site located outside the state capital of Aizawl, a state disaster management official disclosed. An official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, explained, "There have been incessant rains in the wake of cyclone Remal, which led to the quarry collapse." At present, there is no information available regarding the number of individuals trapped.

The heavy rainfall in Mizoram, situated on the border with Bangladesh, also triggered landslides in the region. Authorities in India's eastern state of West Bengal worked on restoring electricity lines in the most affected areas after Remal damaged power lines and uprooted trees. It is the first of the many anticipated storms projected to batter the low-lying coasts of the South Asian neighbors this year, driven by rising sea surface temperatures due to climate change.