India's capital Delhi has reported its first heat-related fatality this year as temperatures soared to record levels, according to media reports on Thursday. Parts of northwest and central India have been enduring weeks of heat wave to severe heat wave conditions, with Delhi hitting a record high of 52.9°C (127.22°F) in the Mungeshpur neighborhood on Wednesday. However, this reading may be subject to revision, as maximum temperatures in other parts of the city ranged from 45.2°C to 49.1°C.

The first heat-related death in the capital territory this year was reported as a 40-year-old laborer succumbed to heatstroke on Wednesday, as per The Indian Express newspaper. In response, Delhi's lieutenant governor instructed the government to ensure that measures are taken to safeguard laborers, including providing water and shaded areas at construction sites and granting them paid leave from noon to 3pm.

On Thursday morning, Delhi recorded a temperature of 36°C, with a perceived temperature of 37.8°C, as per India's weather department. The department has forecasted that the heat wave to severe heat wave conditions prevailing over northwest and central India will gradually diminish from today onwards. India defines a heat wave as a situation where the maximum temperature is 4.5°C to 6.4°C above normal, while a severe heat wave occurs when the maximum temperature exceeds normal by 6.5 degrees or more.